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Ride On Accessories

Ride On Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories to use with your Sitga Ride On or Front Cut machine; from trailers and fertiliser spreaders, to flail mowers, sweepers and snow blowers - with a Stiga you machine can do far more than just cut grass!
  • Fertilizer Spreader - Ride on Lawnmower Accessories

    Hardwearing polypropylene hopper. This spinning disc spreader will evenly distribute fertiliser or sand over an area of 2.5m - 3m.  Material flow can easily be regulated to suit individual working conditions.

    Note: Home Assembly Product

    Next Day Delivery

  • Snow Chains 20"

    Snow Chains 20"



    D-shaped galvanised manganese steel, these snow chains provides traction on snow covered paths. Snow chains 20"x10". 


  • Combi Cart for Stiga Ride-on Lawnmowers

    Combi Cart


    A practical multi-purpose cart with folding tow hook, which can also be used as a wheelbarrow. The body is manufactured from polymer giving it a low overall weight and it has a standard hitch connection for attachment to your tractor.

    Note: Home Assembly Product

    Next Day Delivery

  • Ball Hitch (dual function) - Titan

    Double function ball hitch for Titan.  Provides Clevis Hitch or 50mm ball hitch.

  • Ballast Roller for Stiga Ride-on Lawnmowers

    Ballast Roller


    If you want to level out your lawn or just like to have classic stripes, then you need this roller.  The weight can easily be adjusted to suit individual working conditions by adjusting the amount of water ballast.  Lightweight when storing, it will give you those professional stripes with very little effort.

    Note:  Home Assembly Product

    Next Day Delivery

  • Sweeper Collector

    Towed, with a 5:1 wheel-to-brush rotation and a 96cm working width. Aluminum wheel transmission and heavy-duty bag stretcher.  Easy to empty from the driver's position.