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Versatile and useful tools that save a lot of effort on your vegetable plot. Use the Tiller or Silex with the cultivator attachment to loosen soil and prepare the ground before sowing crops and save your back. Or fit one of the other attachments to the Silex so that it can be used to cut grass, dig potatoes or sweep paths!


  • SRC 48 AE Battery Tiller

    STIGA 48V Powerpack - one battery multiple tools

    The Stiga SRC 48 AE Cordless Tiller is ideal for smaller plots. It has four 21.5cm steel rotors, giving up to a 26cm working width

    Ideal for preparing raised beds, seed beds and weeding between crop rows

    Can be used as a mechanical hoe for general weeding

    21-26cm working width

    12.7cm working depth

    Up to 45 minutes typical run time (5Ah Battery)

    Battery and charger not included

  • SRC 775 RG Cultivator

    The SRC 775 RG Cultivator is a powerful tiller perfect for preparing the soil for new seeding and planting, even with the hardest of soils. 6 rotovators plus tree saver discs allow it to reach a 75cm working width and 24cm soil depth. Provided with 2 drive gears, 1 forward and 1 reverse, front-mounted transport wheel and adjustable handles this cultivator is a pleasure to use.

  • SRC 550 RB Cultivator

    Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 450 Series engine, the SRC 550 RB is a powerful cultivator that can easily prepare your garden for vegetables even if you have the hardest of soils. Four rotavators, plus tree saver discs allow it to reach a 50cm working width and 30cm soil depth.