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Front Cut Ride Ons

Front Cut Ride Ons

Our front cut machines are fantastic flexible tools. With articulated steering, the rear wheels follow the front, making them extremely easy to use. For smaller gardens the Park 120 and 220 offer outstanding value for money. For larger areas the rest of the Park range of 2WD and 4WD machines make light work of cutting and mulching your grass and leaving a beautiful finish. They can also use a variety of implements making them extremely versatile tools.
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  • T 5132 T zero-turn

    ZT 5132 T Zero Turn Mower

    Regular Price: £4,699.00 Save £704.00
    Special Price £3,995.00

    The NEW ZT 5132 T Zero Turn Mower, designed for mowing large areas in less time - giving you more time to enjoy your garden.

    The steering of this rugged mower is done by moving the unique dual levers forward/reverse/turn, and controlling the speed is dependent on how far forward or back they are moved. Once you have used the machine for a couple of minutes you will soon realise how responsive & fantastic this Zero Turn tractor really is.

    Thanks to the side discharge function, the ZT 5132 T works wonders on large surfaces and speeds up mowing on rough and wild lawns.  Its ability to turn 180° quickly makes it extremely nippy to turn and agile around obstacles, even with its robust 132cm wide 3 blade cutting deck. And the pivot wheels prevent you from scuffing your lawn.

  • ZT 7132 T

    ZT 7132 T Zero Turn Mower

    Regular Price: £6,149.00 Save £500.00
    Special Price £5,649.00
    Zero-Turn ride-on mower with twin cylinder Kawasaki engine .

    • Designed for professionals

    • Twin cylinder Kawasaki engine

    • Dual lever steering

    • Reinforced commercial chassis

    • Dedicated side-discharge mower

    • 2 year Domestic warranty

    • 1 year Commerical warranty

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